Research. Innovate. Design.

Forca Healthcare is a globally recognised name in the field of medical devices. The company, with extensive experience in the field, understands the challenges of patients and clinical settings. To meet them, Forca Healthcare has a strong commitment towards new manufacturing techniques and product development which support continuous product innovation to meet current and future market needs.


Creating a positive clinical experience through design thinking.


and functional


High quality


The best


Intensely thoughtful medical devices crafted to make an impact.


Improving healthcare through research and innovation.


In an ever changing environment, Forca Healthcare works across a number of spheres to develop and commercialise solutions for excellence in healthcare.

Medical devices are essential for safe and effective prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of illness and disease.

Forca Healthcare was incorporated with the aim of designing medical devices, those that connect with the user and leave a positive experience. It uses its expertise and experience in innovation of healthcare products with an ambition to benefit patients and healthcare professionals.

Product development is carried out in close collaboration with academia, health care professionals and patients. End products are manufactured using the most advanced technologies and finest materials to meet needs of contemporary clinical practice.

Forca Healthcare is in the business of transforming ideas into innovative medical devices.

As a manufacturer of high-quality innovative products Forca Healthcare strives to improve patient care as well as clinician usability.

Securinject, an award-winning patented anaesthesia syringe, was developed by Forca Health to prevent accidental needle stick injuries and cross infections. In addition, it is easy to use and time saving compared to conventional options.

Our respiratory and anaesthesia product portfolio ‘Neo-Respire’ includes a range of products specially developed for the highest possible patient safety and ease of use. The portfolio of products includes oxygen therapy (masks and recovery kits), breathing systems (anaesthesia and ventilator circuits), breathing filters (bacterial viral filters, heat and moisture exchangers) and their accessories (PMO lines, extension lines, suction tubing).