What is Securinject ?

Accidental needle stick injuries and cross infection are serious concerns in modern day dentistry. They pose a significant risk to dental professionals and their patients. Due to their limited awareness and recognition, accidental needle stick injuries and cross infections are known as silent killers.

Securinject is a single use safety syringe for dental anaesthesia. It is an award winning patent protected innovation which prevents accidental needle stick injuries and cross infections.

Securinject, on average, provides a 50% cost savings in comparison to a reusable dental syringe per use. This equates to savings of 1200 USD per dentist annually.

Have you experienced an accidental needle stick injury?

Dental professionals are at high risk of accidental needle stick injuries due to recapping, passing of syringes and improper disposal of waste which can transmit blood borne diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV as well as blastomycosis, cryptococcosis, diphtheria, herpes, malaria, mycobacteriosis, syphilis etc. Needle stick injuries may also lead to psychiatric morbidity including post-traumatic stress disorder.

What are the key features of Securinject ?

Securinject syringes are recognized for their easy to use locking mechanism to protect dental professionals from accidental needle stick injuries; ability to safely dismantle used needles for disposal; aesthetically appealing, cost effective and single use design to prevent cross contamination. They are made using the finest materials and most advanced technologies to meet the needs of contemporary dental practice.

Why is cross infection a problem ?

Cross infection is another challenge for dental offices as reusable dental syringes can be a source of contamination, as they cannot always be safely, consistently and reliably sterilized due to factors such as lack of staff training, co-ordination, equipment and time.

Invest in yourself, your colleagues and your patients.