Improving healthcare through research and innovation

Forca Healthcare is a manufacturer and supplier of medical devices with extensive experience in the healthcare sector.

The company has built a world class reputation for innovation, product quality and competitive pricing. Its products are manufactured in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that adhere to international quality management standards.

Headquartered in Bengaluru (India), Forca Healthcare is a major supplier to government and private institutions in India. The company also has international presence in several countries through its appointed distributors.

Forca Healthcare was founded to creatively innovate and breathe life into medical devices that please.

The company has a strong commitment to research and development. Its core business, namely, innovation and manufacturing of medical devices, is carried out in close collaboration with academia, health care professionals and patients. The process facilitates taking ideas to manufacturable products.

Forca Healthcare provides innovative solutions for excellence in healthcare. Its aim is to create functional, durable and beautifully designed innovative healthcare products using the best materials and latest technology. This is done keeping four design principles in mind: User friendliness, simplicity, attention to detail and distinctive aesthetics.

The company pioneers in designing and commercialising high-quality medical device consumables for oxygen therapy, anaesthesia and critical care (bacterial viral filters, heat and moisture exchangers, PMO lines, extension lines, suction tubing).

Forca Healthcare also specialises in single use safety syringes to protect both patients and healthcare professionals from exposure to blood borne pathogens and accidental needle stick injuries. Given the limited use of single use safety syringes in healthcare despite their availability, Forca Healthcare’s main priority is to actively promote and implement their use in modern healthcare practise to protect the health of patients and professionals.